Jaguar Aviation FuelJaguar Fueling Service has one of the largest supply chain networks for aviation fuels in the United States. We offer kerosene type fuels for jet turbine engines and aviation gasoline for combustion engines. Kerosene type fuel is used by airplanes and helicopters equipped with turbine engines, such as pure jet, turboprops, or turbofans. Quality kerosene’s thermal stability ensures the aircraft’s performance. We offer high quality aviation fuels from the production refineries directly to our clients.

For jet fuel clients we supply type A, A-1 jet fuels which conform to ASTM D-1655 standards. All jet fuels are manufactured according to meticulously controlled specifications. Jaguar is your source for the highest quality aviation fuels.

Our standard aviation gas also undergoes tightly controlled production specifications and is designed to deliver reliable combustion for spark ignition engines at both ground and at altitude. Contact Jaguar Fueling Service today for all of you aviation fueling needs.


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Common Types of Aviation/Jet Fuels

The following chart is a useful guid to the kinds of fuels used globally and is for reference.

Fuel types Fuel grades Usage Comments
Aviation gasolines Avgas 100/130 Small piston engine aircraft. A leaded fuel.
Avgas 100LL Small piston engine aircraft. A low-lead version of Avgas 100.
UL 91 and UL 94 Small piston engine aircraft. A version of Avgas 100LL with no lead.
Civil aviation jet fuels Jet A/A-1 Turbine aircraft aviation jet fuel. Jet A is only available in the USA, however, Jet A-1 is widely available outside of the country.
TS-1 Turbine aircraft aviation jet fuel.. The most commonly used jet fuel type in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) states.
Biofuel If compatible with a particular aircraft, certain biofuels can be blended into other jet fuels. This falls into the same grade structure as other jet fuels because it is made from a different source. However, it is not a separate grade in its own right.
Military  aviation jet fuels JP-4 No longer used by the military. N/A
JP-5 Military aircraft carriers. Used by NATO air forces, including the USA and UK.
JP-8 NATO air forces, including the USA and UK. The military equivalent of Jet A-1.

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