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When emergency situations arise your fueling demands don’t take a break. Jaguar Fueling Service is there on demand to meet your emergency fueling needs.

Jaguar Fueling Service specializes in emergency fuel solutions for business who have a demand for critical response fueling. Jaguar Fueling Service has the largest national supply chain and can deliver at a moments notice in the wake of any natural disaster or unforeseen shutdown where emergency power generation becomes necessary.

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Emergency Fuel Service


Jaguar Fueling Service offers tank retaining services for businesses that want to stay ahead of the upcoming storm seasons with a strong emergency fueling preparedness plan in place.

  • Protect Your Business
  • Have An Emergency Fuel Plan In Place
  • Be Proactive Not Reactive
  • Secure Fuel While Your Competition Scrambles
  • Lock In Fuel Pricing
  • Have Tanks & Emergency Reserves In Place
  • Retrofit Tanks To Generators For Emergency Protocols
  • Keep Your Business Running
  • Provide Superior Customer Service
  • Be The Hero To Your Clients


NOAA Predictions

Named Storms Predicted In 2019

9 to 15

Hurricanes Predicted For 2019 Season

4 to 8

Major Hurricane Predicted For 2019

2 to 4

Hurricanes Expected To Make Landfall

Landfalls are largely determined by short-term weather patterns, which are only predictable within about a week of a storm potentially reaching a coastline.

*Estimates derived from www.noaa.gov

Jaguar Fueling Services has responded to customers needs and deployed trucks, tanks, and other emergency resources for these hurricanes and major storms for over 5 years!


Emergency Fuel Management Program


Jaguar Fueling Services provides fuel management for emergency generators throughout the United States. This program starts with ensuring fuel quality and integrity through annual fuel samples and any needed filtration/polishing. Fuel additives will be applied as needed based on region and season. In winter a winter additive will be added in cold regions, and in summer a additive will be added in coastal regions for moisture and bacterial growth control. The generator is put on a quarterly tank top-­‐off schedule either initiated by the customer or Jaguar, based on customer preference.

In the event of an emergency, if proper notice can be given then Jaguar will be able to fill generator to capacity limit and offer up recommendations to the customer to put tanks on site to ensure fuel on site if unable to deliver for a few days due to force majeure. Jaguar Fueling Services will deliver to the critical site during power outages on a schedule based on generator run time to ensure it does not run out. Jaguar Fueling Services offers tank retainer programs to ensure customer tank preference is available when it is needed.

The tank is retained during hurricane season from June 1 through November 30 with monthly fees based on tank quantity and sizes needed. Jaguar Fueling Services also offers dedicated truck services to ensure that customers always have fuel when they need and where they need it with the advantage of having their own fuel truck to use as needed. Jaguar Fueling Services will bill customer within 48 hours of delivery and expects payment within the agreed upon credit terms.

Per the emergency fuel management program agreement, Jaguar Fueling Services will provide the customer with fuel sample and testing annually, quarterly top-­‐offs, and emergency generator fueling in all cases not impacted by force majeure. All critical sites will be pushed to front of the line during emergency fueling circumstances. Any additional services added to the program will be outlined and agreed upon in writing separately. The customer agrees to pay Jaguar Fueling Services for these services based on pricing schedule and written quotes given within credit terms established beforehand.



Emergency Fueling Priority Retainer Program


Jaguar Fueling Services provides emergency fueling services throughout the entire United States during all natural disasters and other power outages caused by emergency situations. Jaguar Fueling Services emergency fueling retainer program allows customers to be able to be “first in line” in emergency fueling circumstances and offered special priority fueling in the event it is needed. For hurricane season, Jaguar will make sure that the customer’s sight is topped off to capacity before the storm hits. Communication will be maintained with the customer during and post storm to ensure real time knowledge of fueling needs based on generator start time and run time. Jaguar Fueling Services delivers immediately post storm to the priority customer in all cases not impacted by force majeure. Jaguar keeps communication open with the customer with real time updates on ETA’s, gallons delivered and burn rates to ensure the customer’s fuel is managed and always a priority.



Thousands of customers across the United States are pleased with our services and they are talking.

We worked with Jaguar Fueling Services in preparation for Hurricane Ike and our business stayed operational though others in our area were without power. Thanks Jaguar!

Diana Richardsmanager

Our business relies on diesel to operate. We know that with major natural disasters comes increased demands and limited supply. That is why we depend on Jaguar Fueling Services for fuel retainers.

Anna Whiteloyal client

Our fleet requires fuel reserves for emergency situations. We are in the business of emergency response for areas devastated by natural disasters and our trucks must be fueled and ready to go at all times. Jaguar helps us meet those needs!

Jacob Firebirdhappy client

Hurricane Information

Just a little information on the power of hurricanes to remind us of our need for preparedness when the season approaches.

As we prepare for the upcoming storm season, consider contacting Jaguar Fueling Services for your emergency fueling preparation needs. We have the largest, most extensive network of suppliers and all of the tools that you need to get through the storm season.

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