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Jaguar Fueling Services specializes in fleet fueling


Jaguar Fueling Services offers fleet fueling services for your company’s diesel or gasoline operated fleet, day and night, all year long! Wherever your need is Jaguar Fueling Services is there! We monitor your fuel consumption so that your fleet is productive at all times, fueled and ready to go. With efficiency and timely refueling and the largest network of suppliers in North America, Jaguar Fueling Services can meet your need for fueling and emergency fueling on the spot.

Benefits of Fleet Fuel Services

  • Jaguar Fuel Services offers customizable fleet fueling programs to meet your specific needs
  • We are always on call fueling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for your fleet
  • Our fleet solutions help eliminate the need for fuel charges on company credit cards
  • We make sure your equipment is always fueled and always ready
  • We can add fuel directly into your equipment
  • Eliminate your need for on-site fuel tank storage or supply tanks


  • Our services are great for operations at strip mall centers and leased properties
  • We supply fuel to fleets at construction sites
  • We provide fuel for equipment on small job sites
  • We supply fuel for companies that require generator fueling
  • We work with refrigeration unit fleets
  • We deliver to fleets on temporary job sites
  • We service truck fleets of any size
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Fleet Refueling Services

What You Can Expect

Fuel Delivery

With the largest fuel supply network in North America, Jaguar Fueling Services is on call to meet your fueling demands any time. We operate 24x7x365 so that our clients can rest assured that their fuel demands are met without any disruption of services. This means that your fuel requirements are always met.

Fuel Tank Reserves

At Jaguar Fueling Services we understand the need for continual fuel supplies in emergency and non-emergency conditions. In many cases the fuel supply capacity of some generators is insufficient for your ongoing needs. Jaguar Fueling Services can retrofit your power generator with a larger tank so that you have increased efficiency.

Fuel Monitoring

Because your power generators must maintain optimal fuel levels to prevent operational failure, having a fuel monitoring plan in action is critical to your success. Jaguar Fueling Services can implement such a fuel monitoring system and notify you and replenish your fuel supplies before levels are critical.

Emergency Services

In the event that an emergency occurs where your business must operate on back-up power generators, Jaguar Fueling Services can keep your fuel supplies from depleting. We offer fuel delivery to ensure that your back-up power generators stay running!

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Why Work With Us?

Hint: We Offer The Very Best Customer Service

When it comes to fleet refueling you won’t find a more dependable service provider than Jaguar Fueling Services. We can meet any demand at any time and our customer services representatives and account managers tie their performance to your success! When you must depend on a reliable source for your power generation fuel needs you will find that Jaguar Fueling Services is a service that stands behind you with a commitment to exceed your expectations every time! Call us today for a consultation.