Generator and Tower Service

Jaguar Fueling Service is pleased to partner with Cat5 Resources to extend our capabilities and better serve our clients. This unique partnership combines the synergy of two world class, women owned businesses to bring reliable generator and tower service solutions for disaster recovery across the nation.

Cat5 Jaguar Fueling Partner Generator Tower Service

Cat5 Resources offers a comprehensive management solution and support for the telecommunications sector, electrical distribution and other critical infrastructures across America. Their services include inspections, installations, budgeted fueling services along with maintenance and repairs. Below are the extended services of Jaguar Fueling Services through our strategic partnership with Cat5. For all of your generator and tower services needs contact Jaguar Fueling Service today!

Operations and Maintenance

  • Power Generation Installation, Inspections, Preventative Maintenance and Repairs (Propane, Diesel, Natural Gas, Fuel Cells)
  • Load Bank Testing
  • Fuel System Inspections, Compliance Installation of Fuel System and Repairs (Propane, Diesel, Natural Gas)
  • Generator Fueling Services (Routine, Pre-Storm Season)
  • Bulk Fuel Management and Fuel Delivery
  • Propane Tank Procurement and Fuel Management
  • Shelter and Compound Maintenance and Repairs
  • Gas Leak Detector Calibration
  • Compound/Fence Containment Installation, Replacement and Repairs
  • Asset Tracking
  • Portable Generator Fleet Management (Deployment, Storage, DOT)
  • Web-based Application with Complete Site Database, Work Order Support, Real-Time Reporting and Communication System

Tower Service and Installation

  • Transmission Overhead Line Tower Lighting
  • Small/Pico Cell Deployments
  • Tower Erection and Inspections
  • Tower Audits and Inspections
  • Construction Close-Outs
  • PIM Testing
  • Sweep Testing
  • Fiber Testing
  • Tiger Teams and Troubleshooting
  • Tower Plumb and Tensioning
  • Decomissioning
  • Microwave Installation and Path Alignment
  • Carrier Adds

Disaster Recovery

  • Disaster Preparation Planning
    • Guaranteed Respons Agreements
    • Priority Agreements
  • Full Service Staging Yards
  • Generator Deployment and Tracking (Electricians to hard wire generators)
  • Daily Status Reporting
  • Fuel Management
    • Bulk Fuel
    • Cell Site and Switch Delivery
    • Fleet and Employee Vehicle Fueling
  • Generator Maintenance and Repairs
  • HVAC Maintenance and Repairs
  • Tower Maintenance and Repairs


  •  Women Owned – WBENC: 2005123838
  •  NWSA – National Wireless Safety Alliance
  •  D&B: 07-887-3728
  •  Texas HUB: 1463004394200
  •  NAICS: 484220; 624230; 811310
  •  ΝΑΤE Membership